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Falcon's Resort by Meliá: The best all-inclusive suites in Punta Cana

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Falcon's Resort by Meliá: The best all-inclusive suites in Punta Cana
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Unique vacation moments where you can leave all your worries aside for a while: that's what you can experience at Falcon's Resort by Meliá*. Located among the largest all-inclusive hotels in Punta Cana, you will find this recently renewed and renovated hotel where all rooms offer all-in suites. In this article we take a closer look at the facilities, the restaurants, rooms and why this hotel offers such a unique experience! Read on and be pleasantly surprised.

It feels like coming home, but just a little more luxurious.

Falcon's Resort by Meliá: The best all-inclusive suites in Punta Cana
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

All-inclusive suites

We begin immediately with the most striking element you will experience when staying at Falcon's Resort by Meliá*: everyone gets a celebrity treatment with world-class service. The staff speaks English, French and Spanish and is immensely helpful. This alone makes the beginning of your vacation relaxing and successful. But in addition to this excellent service, you have the very best part: the rooms that offer an all-in suite experience.

When you book with this hotel, only Suites are offered that immediately make you feel as if you are coming home. With modern-minimalist interiors, everyone feels at home in their suite. And you can choose how big and special you want them to be. We list some options for you:

- Suites: A normal suite offers you a cozy room consists of two separate areas. You first enter a comfortable room with a dining area and bar, a sitting area with seating and a sofa bed. With this suite you allow yourself moments of relaxation, including on your own private terrace with lounge and hot tub.

- Master Suites: Want more luxury and space? Then stay in a Master Suite: this spacious suite offers you a spacious dining area with kitchen (without hotplates, but still the kitchenware, fridge and so on), a lounge area with a chaise longue sofa and sofa bed, bedroom and two bathrooms: a spa-like bathroom with bathtub, closet space and a separate bathroom with shower and toilet. This suite has all the luxurious details you deserve!

- Beyond Swip Up rooms: Are you looking for an unforgettable experience in Punta Cana? In addition to the spacious room, the Swip up suites offer you private access to the pool that is built around the rooms. This is private for those who choose this type of room. The other rooms can enjoy the large central pool. If you love privacy and tranquility, this room is ideal for you!

Finally, you can also choose suites with two bedrooms. All options can be found through this link*. But whatever room you choose, you will be surprised by the beautiful and classy interior as well as the luxury you will experience.

Falcon's Resort by Meliá: The best all-inclusive suites in Punta Cana
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

The Restaurants

In addition to world-class service, which you really don't often experience in the Dominican Republic, Falcon's Resort by Meliá* also offers a high level of restaurant and dining experience. The hotel has no less than 7 restaurants, each specializing in a specific world cuisine:

- Origen: At this buffet-style restaurant, you'll taste international flavors inspired by the origins of the Taino culture on the Dominican island. This is the "go-to" place for the best contemporary cuisine with the freshest ingredients. It features a sophisticated indoor space and a side terrace that connects to the center of the resort. This is also where you will be able to come for breakfast and lunch.

- Karnica: This modern steakhouse is a must-visit when staying at the hotel. In this interior you will discover poetry, influenced by the art of Spanish artist Picasso. Lovers of steak can come here to enjoy the best cuts of meat, aged to perfection and accompanied by delicious side dishes such as potato puree with truffle and delicious yuca. A private room is also available in the restaurant, perfect for intimate parties and special occasions such as a wedding party or birthday.

- Tori: Are you a lover of Asian cuisine? Then Tori will pleasantly surprise you! From street dishes to fusion and sushi bar, this restaurant serves the best Asian cuisine in a traditional setting. Here you can also experience the typical robatayaki and teppanyaki tables where you get the best show cooking from their chefs. It's just delicious!

Besides Asian and steak, you can also explore Peruvian and American cuisine. Just next to the pool you also have the restaurant that serves typical Dominican dishes such as Mangú and if you wish, you can also enjoy the seafood restaurant overlooking the sea. These seven restaurant will definitely not disappoint you!

Falcon's Resort by Meliá: The best all-inclusive suites in Punta Cana
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Facilities and activities

Of course, you choose how to spend your vacation: but at this hotel you have enormous choice and there is something for everyone. For example, you can choose to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool or at the beach club 1.5 km from the hotel. A private golf cart will take you to the private beach and then back to your room.

The complex also features a luxurious gym, spa and lounge where a game of billiards even provides the ultimate in evening relaxation.

Finally, children can also enjoy the children's entertainment, the water park and you can go for a free visit to the only entertainment theme park in the Caribbean: Katmandu Park. So you will never be bored during your stay!

Falcon's Resort by Meliá: The best all-inclusive suites in Punta Cana
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck


Falcon's Resort by Meliá* undoubtedly offers you the perfect vacation experience where relaxing and luxury are central. From your arrival to your last moment at the resort, you will enjoy absolute relaxation and the best cuisines. This hotel is ideal for young couples, those who like to de-connect after a long period of work and those who want to celebrate their honeymoon. Have fun and enjoy your stay! For more informations about the hotel you can check the current offers and availability here*.

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