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Gastronomy: Five lunch hotspots in Santo Domingo

Updated: May 1, 2023

Picture of the food you can order at Viralata, Bella Vista
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

If you thought that the vibrant capital offers only culture, dance squares and fun markets, we have great news for you: in fact, you'll find something for everyone on the culinary front as well! And because a good lunch break always makes your day, today we list for you five lunch spots in Santo Domingo.

Friends buy you a lunch. Best friends eat your lunch.

#1 Viralata, Bella vista

In the quiet neighborhood of Bella Vista you will find the cozy and laid back restaurant called "Viralata". Here you will find a mix between local dishes such as Conos de Mofongos, Sancocho and Chicharrón de Pierna. But also for breakfast, sharing snacks and street food you can visit the place.

Our favorites? Yaroa Viralatose, the Pork Belly Nachos, their Costilla St.Louis, the Hotdog Callejero and Burrata pizza. These are guaranteed to be on our table every visit!

Address: Viralata, Av. Sarasota, Santo Domingo 10112

Two pictures of a lunch place in Santo Domingo called Viralata
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

#2 Time is Vegetarian, Zona Colonial

The Colonial Zone is without a doubt our most favorite neighborhood to stay in and recently we shared with you the best hotels to stay at. Today you will discover the places to eat there, like Time is Vegetarian.

In this cozy restaurant you can find the most surprising vegetarian and vegan dishes. And they are very creative with flavors. That's why we love to go there for lunch. Next to that the interior is also very inviting, the prices are really good for such healthy food and the service is excellent!

Our favorite dishes are the beet ravioli, their cauliflower with a house-made sauce of 52 (!) different spices, the Guacamole Nachos and their Burrata al Salmorejo. For drinks, we recommend the homemade lemonade. Do you like to have a cocktail? Then without a doubt their homemade Sangria Purpura is a must.

Address: Time is Vegetarian, C. Padre Billini, Santo Domingo 10210

Two pictures of a lunch place in Santo Domingo called Time is Vegetarian
Picture credits: Cindy Van Dyck

#3 Maraca, Zona Colonial

Maraca is without a doubt the most famous restaurant in the heart of the Colonial city. Not only can you go here for fun photos thanks to their breathtaking interior. The general atmosphere, delicious dishes and cocktails are also an absolute must try.

Despite the fact that most visit the restaurant in the evening, we greatly enjoy going there for lunch. It's quiet then, you can take a break from work on their cozy terrace.

What we order most often? First and most importantly, their sushi. Also, their Eggplant Croquettes, their Chicken Tacos a la Leña, Glazed Pork Belly and Pulpo a la Brasa are incredibly delicious! And for cocktails, no doubt order the Amor Amor, Hey Honey or their Piña Colada. You won't regret it!

Address: Maraca, C. Arzobispo Nouel 202, Santo Domingo 10210

Two pictures of a lunch place in Santo Domingo called Maraca
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

#4 Central Gastronomica, Av. Tiradentes

Do you like a more minimalist atmosphere, with a luxurious touch and a hint of innovation? Then Central Gastronomica will also become your favorite lunch spot.

Central Gastronómica is a fusion-international food restaurant with the best appetizers in town. And that's why we recommend it to visit it during lunch time. Grab a cocktail, share small dishes and enjoy a relaxed afternoon at their bar or covered outdoor eating area. It's incredibly beautiful!

Their food is also without a doubt an experience for the senses. The Truffle & Pear Cheese Fondue, Pastrami Egg Rolls, Homemade Avocado Fries and their Shrimp Bao are the our favorites!

Address: Central Gastronómica, Av. Tiradentes No. 11, Santo Domingo

Two pictures of a lunch place in Santo Domingo called Central Gastronomica
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

#5 Buche Perico, Zona Colonial

Besides Maraca and Time is Vegetarian, you also have in the colonial zone Buche Perico. This restaurant is located on a small side street of Parque Colon. At first glance, it looks like a small and dark restaurant. But you will be hugely surprised by their terrace! Their surroundings outside, including a waterfall, will make you forget about all the hustle and bustle of the city for a while.

Buche Perico, the first greenhouse restaurant in the Caribbean, is perfect to visit on a Sunday afternoon while discovering the city. You can grab a late breakfast or lunch and the prices of the dishes are really affordable. On their menu we recommend to try the Carpaccio de Chivo, Croquetas de Bacalao al Coco and Pollo a la Parrilla.

Address: Buche Perico, C. El Conde 53, Santo Domingo 10210

Two pictures of a lunch place in Santo Domingo called Buche Perico
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck


Of course, Santo Domingo has lots of other great hotspots. That's why we keep exploring the city for you so we can soon share with you our favorite breakfast and dinner spots as well. And if you are planning a visit to the city soon, be sure to let us know! Who knows, maybe we can have a nice lunch together…

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