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Hotels: This is why you need to stay at Jewel Punta Cana Resort

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Picture of the pool by night at Jewel Punta Cana Resort, Dominican Republic
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Finding an all-inclusive hotel that meets all your expectations is anything but easy. And it gets even harder when travel agents throw all sorts of different resorts at your head. Fortunately, we often go out ourselves and test out hotels for you, so you can count on an honest and valuable review. Today we highlight Jewel Punta Cana Resort* for you, located in Uvero Alto, and tell you why you should book this hotel during your next vacation to the Dominican Republic.

Jewel Punta Cana offers for everyone an unforgettable experience.

Well located and easily accessible

Jewel Punta Cana Resort is located in Uvero Alto. And although this is the farthest point from Punta Cana, this just makes it tremendously attractive. In fact, you can go explore Higuey in about 40 minutes, and at the same distance, you'll be at the Punta Cana airport in no time.

Along the way, you'll find Playa Macao, also called Macao Beach. This is one of the most famous and best beaches in Punta Cana where you can go surfing and have a delicious Pina Colada.

The resort itself has a large parking (free of charge), convenient for when you rent a car, and is located on a beautiful property away from all the traffic and crowds. So you can be sure that no outside noise will disturb you. Can you already feel the tranquility coming?

PS: They also have a playground and other facilities for kids!

Entrance photo of Jewel Punta Cana Resort, Dominican Republic
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Peace and quiet for all

Once you arrive at the property, park the car, or get off the bus, you are welcomed at a huge arrival hall. It's like stepping into a luxurious villa. To the right you have the reception desk, to the left the bar. And the steps in the middle immediately lead you to the beautiful outdoor garden, the buffet restaurant and the coffee kiosk.

On the grounds, there is peace and quiet for everyone. In fact, the pool flows beautifully throughout the property. So you don't have 1 big pool where everyone congregates. Because it looks like a "river", everyone has their own place, meters away from each other, and so you can swim quietly without crowds around you. Further towards the beach, you will find a bar in the pool and a larger area where you can swim.

Are you more of a beach lover? Then you can also go to their private beach. There are plenty of sunbeds provided here and there is also a VIP area with beach beds. These are also available by the pool and can be booked on request. So there is the possibility for everyone to enjoy the vacation quietly, without too many people around you (there might be an exception when it's high season, of course).

Nice bonus: At the pool you will see flamingo's walking around. It's super cute!

Atmosphere pictures of Jewel Punta Cana Resort, Dominican Republic
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

World cuisines and buffet

Are you getting hungry from sunbathing? Are you a big eater or do you need energy for all the excursions on your schedule? Jewel Punta Cana Resort* has the solution. Because at the resort you have the choice between no less than six international restaurant and offers several lounges.

Between the different restaurant you can enjoy Mexican, Asian and Italian dishes and steak specialties. There is also a fish restaurant where the seafood is served in outdoor decor: in a palapa with a thatched roof. Our personal favorite was their steak house where they serve Churrasco with truffled mashed potatoes and vegetables. Delicious!

Their buffet itself also offers huge varieties. Also for breakfast. From gluten and lactose free options to pizzas, tacos, fish and meat options, different breads, pastries, a wide range of vegetables, sauces, pastas and also a kids menu. Not one day did we eat the same thing. So you can be sure to eat your fill every day!

Finally, an absolute highlight is their poolside snack stand, where you can go between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. for a quick bite like a hot dog, burger, nachos and even the Dominican pica-pollo. And of course their coffee kiosk, located in the main building, just before the buffet area. You can go here from early morning until late at night for snacks such as donuts, pastries, sandwiches and other treats such as fresh fruit. While choosing what will fill your belly order your favorite coffee. They serve frappucchino as well as cappuccino, latte's, mocha and so on. You will love it!

Pictures of the Buffet Restaurant at Jewel Punta Cana Resort, Dominican Republic
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Room and facilities

Although their rooms are in need of renovation (more modern furniture and some bathroom updates), they are spacious, with terraces and sufficiently equipped for a comfortable stay. You have in the room a TV, free Wi-Fi, a coffee machine, mini-bar, sofa and comfortable bed(s).

Value for money, this is really a winner, as you also don't sit in your room all day. And if it does rain, at least you don't get in each other's way.

Picture of the rooms at Jewel Punta Cana Resort, Dominican Republic
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck


We recommend this hotel as one of the best all-inclusive hotels in Punta Cana. We were tremendously surprised for what you get for your money. It is highly recommended for any family, couple or group of friends who want to make the most of their vacation in the Dominican Republic and still love to get out of their hotel to explore the wonderful culture and surrounding cities.

Can't wait and want more information before booking? Through this link* you can check availability and exact prices via*.

*These links are connected to an affiliate program. When you make a booking, might earn a commission.

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