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Las Terrenas: Where you find Bohemian Vibes and the most Beautiful Beaches

Updated: May 28, 2023

Drone photography of Playa Cosón, Las Terrenas
Photo Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

If you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere, surfers, bohemian vibes and the most beautiful beaches, you should definitely go to Las Terrenas. Located in the north of the Dominican Republic, this city will take you to an oasis of calm in no time. The distinct vacation spot for Keloke and soon to be yours! Because in this article Cindy will answer the three most important reasons of why you should go.

Everyone needs a little bit of Las Terrenas in their life

Santo Domingo, a bustling capital city that has everything to offer. From delicious restaurants to have a cozy lunch at, to fun bars, stores, hotels and even beauty hotspots. It is lovely to experience! But when you want to get away from it all, Las Terrenas must always be first on the list.

After all, it's only about a two-hour drive from the capital and you drive through the beautiful Los Haitises Nature Park. So traveling there is in itself a wonderful wonderful experience. And once you arrive, you will really feel like you're on vacation as the Ibiza vibes are taking over!

Where do you stay?

There is no doubt about the hotel I recommend: in fact, the Saman Boutique Hotel* never disappoints. And I have been visiting it as my second home, ever since it opened and my first visit in March 2019.

As soon as you arrive at the entrance of you will notice the clean design, minimalistic touch and coziness which has been extended throughout the whole building. One thing is for sure: they did everything to make you feel at home.

Once passed through the reception, which has a beautiful large wooden table, you walk towards the center pool, dining area and the rooms, with in the center the Saman tree. The whole building and resort has been build around nature. They kept all the trees and furnished the places so it would perfectly blend in. This doesn’t only makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the Dominican Republic nature, you also have a touch of green everywhere you walk.

And that ecologic and sustainable touch isn’t only outdoors, also the rooms are decorated with wooden furniture, like the night stands and closets for example. All this wood comes from local artisans who are using the wood demolished by hurricanes. Other local interior details are: the paintings on the wall, the beach bag which you can use to go to the pool, the information cards,… You name it and it’s local.

Isn’t that a beautiful way to not only show the guests the art and talent there’s in the Dominican Republic? It also shows how nature and green elements can turn any room into a home. And I am in love with their concept!

*Click here for the direct reservation link on*

Saman Boutique Hotel, Las Terrenas
Photo Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

What can you do in Las Terrenas?

Of course you're there to discover the city, I would like to take you on our most enjoyable getaways in and around Las Terrenas. And I start close by where you can enjoy the beautiful beach of Playa Poppy. Just next to this beach you also have a cozy beach bar named "Mosquito". But maybe you are looking for something more adventurous?

Then I can recommend you to visit the waterfalls of El Limón, also called "Cascada Limón". Just be prepared for the hour and a half hike to the waterfalls themselves. You'll cross a river, cobblestones and, if it rains, a lot of mud. But it is definitely worth it!

Can it be a little further from the hotel and do you have a car? Then you can visit Playa Moron, Playa Bonita or Playa Coson. All three of them are about 15 to 20 minutes away from the center of Las Terrenas. At Playa Bonita you can surf and relax at Mosquito (yes, the same owners of the beach bar nearby Punta Poppy!). And at Playa Morón you'll find yourself in an oasis of calm, since this beach is mostly frequented by locals. Last but not least you can go to Playa Coson, about a 30min ride but so worth it! You will enjoy there the most beautiful sunset EVER.

Finally, you can also visit nice stores in the center and enjoy a wellness afternoon. So there are definitely enough activities for a weekend away!

Drone photography of Cascada Limón, Waterfall El Limón and Playa Morón in Las Terrenas
Photo Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Where do you eat the best food?

After so much adventure or a day at the beach, of course you get hungry. And the article would of course not be complete without my favorite hotspots in terms of food and drink.

Let's start with breakfast: at the Saman hotel itself you can enjoy a delicious breakfast. You'll find a mix between healthy dishes like an Avocado toast, a selection of fruits, Yogurt with Granola and your favorite way to eat eggs. But also sweets like pancakes with chocolate and fruit are on the menu.

But if you are not staying at this hotel, you can go for delicious pastries and coffee at "Dulce de Oro". A new pastry shop founded by chef Ortal Suiza. Every day she serves you freshly baked pastries, with flavors such as pistachio white chocolate and raspberry, vanilla rum and raisins, but also salted pastries can be found. Pass by and be surprised by her daily selection. But be fast! Cause she runs out of them quickly. Because they're just so delicious, and I am a total fan as well!

For lunch, you can go downtown at Sol and Fresh or Tropik Bowl. At both you'll find a mix of salads and bowls, all prepared with fresh and local products. Also "Les Blondes" is a true hotspot where you can eat delicious French crêpes, sweet and savory ones. But when you go out of the center and visit, for example, Playa Bonita to relax or to go surfing, you can go on site at Mosquito's own restaurant. And we highly recommend their chicken with curry and mofongo without a doubt!

But of course you can't end the day without a good supper. And let that also just be my favorite time of day. So good news! Because these next three restaurants you must visit without a doubt:

- La Yuca Caliente for a delicious Pizza or Churrasco

- Porto by Mosquito for their fish dishes and tapas

- Alibiza an the hotel Saman itself. Their Pork Ribs, Tuna Tartare and Avocado, and Zucchini Carpaccio with Goat Cheese are excellent!

And last but not least, for drinks we recommend you to go to ETNO club in the center of Las Terrenas and at the beach. On special days they also organize dance events. The vibe is unforgettable!


If you are traveling to the Dominican Republic, we definitely recommend coming to Las Terrenas and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. We will be traveling north again soon and we're looking forward to sharing with you more activities, food hotspots and tips around the best vacation spots on the island. Stay tuned!

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