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Santo Domingo: Five lunch places in Zona Colonial

Time is Vegetarian, lunch place in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Do you have a trip planned to Zona Colonial soon or are you currently there and would like to have your appetite satisfied? In the midst of the historic charm and streets, you can find the best eateries to start your afternoon full of energy. With a combination of Dominican traditions and contemporary flavors, this international fusion is sure to surprise you! Are you curious? Then quickly read which five lunch spots have already conquered our hearts!

A delicious lunch is a great way to relax and recharge.

1. Curcio Pizza al Taglio

Let's start our list with the hisoric city's newest hotspot: Curcio Pizza al Talgio. On the corner of the famous Plaza María de Toledo square, this is the place to go for the most delicious pizza "cut," which means "Al Taglio.". These slices are mainly intended for those looking for a quick lunch or something for the road and are already winning great popularity in Malta, Uruguay and Argentina. Since Francesco Curcio, an award winner for expanding Italian cuisine around the world, opened this eatery, plenty of tourists and locals have already lost their hearts to the delicious flavor combinations they offer.

For example, you can choose from pizzas with "Cream of Auyama, Bacon & Dried Tomatoes," a slice with "Mortadella, Burrata and Pistachios" or how about a slice with Pancetta, Truffle Cream and Mozzarella? You name it and they have it. For cheese lovers, they also have the four cheese pizza.

Trust us, you will go back soon and want to discover more flavors!

Address: C. Isabel La Católica 163, Zona Colonial

Opening hours: from 12 p.m. until they're sold out.

Curcio Pizza al Taglio, lunch place in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

2. Time is Vegetarian

In Padre Billini's square and just behind the Cathedral of "Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación", you will find the creative vegetarian cuisine called "Time is Vegetarian." If you love unique flavor combinations and delicious alternatives with plant-based ingedients: this is your place!

Thanks to these surprising combinations you will find on their menu dishes such as:

- Red beet carpaccio with feta, honey, arugula and balsamic vinegar

- Taco Name with curry, guacamole, mint and harissa

- The Black Burger made of red beet, carbon activated bread, white onions and honey

- Asparagus with mushrooms and goat cheese

- Butternut Squash Cream with ginger and orange

Of course, there are many more options and dishes depend on some seasonal vegetables. But either way, you enter a world where traditional and familiar dishes were given their unique vegetarian touch.

Address: C. Padre Billini, Zona Colonial

Opening hours: Sunday through Tuesday from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Wednesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to midnight.

Time is Vegetarian, lunch place in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

3. Ristorante Angelo

His who are fans of the bustling city life and like to look out on the city's oldest square can go to Ristaurante Angelo, located on Plaza España in Zona Colonial.

This Italian restaurant is known all over the city for their pizzas, and despite being located in one of the most touristy spots, their prices are very democratic and correct. It is ideal to enjoy a refreshing drink or a typical Italian dish on their terrace while enjoying the city life and all the events in the square. In the evening it is also very romantic and cozy. And just next door you will find "Beermarket": a famous bar where you can go for cocktails and Belgian beers. The ideal combination with a pizza.

Address: C. La Atarazana N°21, Plaza España, Zona Colonial

Opening hours: Every day of week from 12 p.m. to midnight.

Ristorante Angelo, Italian lunch place in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

4. Buche Perico

This hidden gem is located in an alley just off the square "Parque Colón" and is part of the extension the old shopping street "El Conde". Once you open the doors and walk through to the terrace you find yourself in a botanical garden with more than 500 plants and a waterfall. Enchanting, soothing and, above all, the ultimate surprise inside the historic city.

Buche Perico is mainly known for its typical contemporary Dominican cuisine with an international touch here and there. You can order dishes such as:

- Ceviche with coconut

- Ribs with grilled pineapple sauce and a gratin of yuca

- Chimis with Spanish sausages (longaniza).

- Ravioli with Plantano Maduro

- Risotto with goat meat

And many other unique dishes you won't find on the menu anywhere else in a restaurant. Of course, they also have a wide menu of cocktails and drinks. You will no doubt experience a pleasant lunch at this very first conservatory restaurant across the entire Caribbean!

Address: C. El Conde 53, Zona Colonial

Opening hours: Monday through Friday from noon to 11 p.m. and on weekends from 9 a.m. to midnight.

Buche Perico, botanical lunch place in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

5. Hodelpa Restaurante 1502

No doubt you have already heard of the capital's most famous hotel: Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando*. In this luxuriously renovated hotel you imagine yourself back in time. This by the interior where they have kept the original elements. And besides their beautiful surroundings, they also offer a unique restaurant experience.

The restaurant "1502" offers you a refined cuisine with different fish, meat and local dishes. And yes, it is also accessible to non-hotel guests through a separate entrance.

So take a seat in the courtyard at one of their large round tables. Have a sangria or a glass of wine and enjoy the beauty of the historic building. After your break, you can take a dip in their pool (with your day pass or as a hotel guest) or head back outside for a stroll through the historic center. In Santo Domingo, there is no pressure and no time. You do and plan your day as you see fit.

Address: C. Las Damas, Zona Colonial

Opening hours: Every day of the week between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Restaurante 1502, lunch place in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck


When visiting Santo Domingo we recommend you to stay at least three nights to make sure you've had enough time to see the most important parts of the historical city. After that, you can travel towards the North (Puerto Plata) or go for an adventurous trip towards Barahona where you can do some glamping. For more informations about our favorite hotels in Zona Colonial you can read this article.

And let us know when you are around Santo Domingo! You can use the tag #KelokeTravels on your Socials to keep us posted.

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