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Set Barahona - Farmer's Life

Set Barahona - Farmer's Life


Barahona is renowned for its lush cacao plantations that produce some of the world's finest cocoa beans. The farmers' deep-rooted knowledge and dedication to traditional cultivation methods ensure the high quality and distinctive flavor of Barahona's cocoa beans. This set shows the connection between the land and the treasured cocoa.

  • Delivery

    The posters "Las Terrenas - Playa Bonita" will be delivered as digital files* in high resolution. They are not physical products, but  images, personally captured by photographer Cindy Van Dyck. Reselling, nor editing the product is not authorized. * Frames are not included. Interior pictures are used for inspiration.

  • Return Policy

    As this is a digital print, no return or refunds will be accepted. When buying the product, you agree that it will be digitally delivered to you as a photography file.

  • Copyright

    Each photo was personally photographed by Cindy Van Dyck. No images might be use for commercial purposes. If you want to use one of the images for commercial reasons such as your Social Media, Advertising, Commercial Prints, Website and so on, please contact us. We can arrange a commercial fee so you can use the images without limitations. The use of the images for commercial reasons, without permission, will lead to receiving an invoice with a penalty fee.

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