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Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando: The hotel that brings luxury and history together

Updated: May 28, 2023

Picture of the pool at Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando, taken by Cindy Van Dyck
Photo Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

When you visit the Dominican Republic, you definitely need to take a moment to travel around Santo Domingo. The capital has a lot of history and until today, you can relive it in the vibrant Colonial city center.

Whether you're passing by Santo Domingo for a couple of days or you're staying here for a week, the historical city center has it all. Start your day with a coffee in one of the local bars at Parque Colon and continue with a walk around the historical buildings. While walking you can pass by the Dominican Convent Church and continue to the Park of Independence. To go back around you pass by the colorful streets next to the Church of Our Lady of Las Mercedes. The very first hospital of the city.

The colonial city center of Santo Domingo has it all!

Next to having so many nice chills spots and beautiful streets, Santo Domingo also has boutique hotels you need to stay at. One of them is "Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando"*, a luxurious renovated hotel where you are immersed back in time. This by their interior as they kept the original elements. Let's go into detail!

Luxury and history brought together

The hotel is located at only hundred meters of the Port of Santo Domingo and right in front of the Pantheon of the Fatherland. At only a few steps away you can dance the night away on Plaza de España or have a cocktail after dinner.

It's therefor perfect to stay at Nicolas de Ovando while visiting. the capital. You will feel like traveling back in time, as if you were entering a castle. The castle of an important person back in the days. When you look up you see the wooden beams, the walls that were made from thick bricks, and with the red stone floors you recognize the historical style.

And that's not all. All around the hotel you get immersed as if you were living back in those centuries. When arriving at the pool you see the port. Walk around it and you will find cute patios with fountains. On your right side you walk on another patio towards the restaurant and the rooms are located around another courtyard. Truly beautiful!

Rooms and interior of the hotel Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando in Santo Domingo
Photo Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Have dinner at the "1502" restaurant

At Nicolas de Ovando you have your breakfast included in your booking. If you choose otherwise, you can pass by the restaurant for lunch or dinner as well. The restaurant "1502" offers you a refined cuisine with different fish, meat and local food dishes. Also for non-hotel guests it's accessible through a separate entrance.

Take a seat at the courtyard at one of their big round tables. Go for a sangria or wine and enjoy the beauty of the historical building. After your break you can dive into their pool or go outside for a walk around the historical center. At Santo Domingo there's no pressure and no time. You do and plan your day however you want to. Enjoy every moment to the fullest and make sure you've seen it al

Food and interior at the restaurant 1502, Santo Domingo
Photo Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Enjoy la Zona Colonial and relax

It's clear that Nicolas de Ovando isn't only a beautiful boutique hotel to stay at. Visiting and staying here offers you a cultural experience as well. And they also make sure you get the best out of everything! Your me-time is a perfect example of that.

At their main patio you will find a large pool to relax at. Sun chairs and cocktails can't be missed while getting a tan and if you're a sportive person, you can workout as well. Next to the bar of the hotel you have a fitness, which is included for all hotel guests, where you can do cardio and train your muscles. At the same area you also have a spa where you can book different massages and enjoy your me-time after a long walk in the center.

Aren't you a guest at the Hotel? Then you can pass by, buy a day-pass and enjoy your day at the pool while enjoying cocktails, food and a beautiful scenery.

One of the patios at Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando
Photo Credits: Cindy Van Dyck


When visiting Santo Domingo we recommend you to stay at least three nights to make sure you've had enough time to see the most important parts of the historical city. After that, you can travel towards the North (Puerto Plata) or go for an adventurous trip towards Barahona where you can do some glamping. For more informations about Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando, you can visit the direct reservation link on*.

And let us know when you are around Santo Domingo! You can use the tag #KelokeTravels on your Socials to keep us posted.

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