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Restaurant Gål: A culinary highlight in the heart of Higüey

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Atmosphere picture of Restaurant Gål in Higüey, the Dominican Republic
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Higüey, a culinary destination that combines rich Dominican traditions with global influences. Here you will discover a tasty blend of exotic fruits, savory meat dishes and refreshing drinks. And there's more! Discover the new restaurant Gål, which introduces Peruvian cuisine to this beautiful city. Curious to find out more? Read on quickly!

It is the city that surprises every time.

Are you visiting Higüey for the history the city has to offer? Then before you travel back, plan a night out for dinner at the new restaurant Gål. Located next to the famous Caribbean Cinemas, and right across the park "Parque de La Salud" where you can find many bars and some food trucks, you will discover a modern, timeless and luxurious restaurant. The interior has a touch of bohemian with modern influences. Everything is very warmly decorated thanks to the wooden finishes and the bar is breathtaking.

Atmosphere picture of Restaurant Gål in Higüey, the Dominican Republic
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

A kitchen with Peruvian influences

The restaurant offers a unique menu with dishes not found in every restaurant. Sushi is also only fairly recently on the rise in Higüey and is served fresh every day at Gål. To make sure you can enjoy this, it is recommended to order it at lunch. Often by the evening, the ingredients will have run out.... But of course that doesn't stop you from discovering the rest of the menu.

The majority of the menu has Peruvian influences. From Lomo saltado to various Ceviches of fish, Parihuela Gål and Jalea de mariscos. Are you more of a fan of local Dominican cuisine? Then you can also order Mofongo with shrimp or chicken, some meat dishes on the grill, pastas and Chivo a la criolla. Or opt for their "Ensalada Gål" with grilled mango, walnuts, camembert cheese, crunchy kale and balsamic dressing.

We personally tried the Salmon Carpaccio, Concon de Chaufan with pork belly and Salmon with fresh orange.

Finally, you can pair your dishes with a delicious glass of white, red or rosé wine. Their wine list offers there variety from as many as six different countries: Italy, Spain, USA, Australia, France, Chile and Argentina. With also the possibility to order a glass of cava, prosecco, espumante or champagne.

Address of Restaurant Gål: Bienvenido Creales, Higüey

Atmosphere pictures of Restaurant Gål in Higüey, the Dominican Republic
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Hospitality and Experience

In terms of enjoying the experience of new cuisine, in a small town like Higüey, Gål stands out without a doubt. It namely the only restaurant in the area that offers such an interior, choice of cuisine and experience. You can even reserve a private room there for a special moment together with your family, friends or an important business meeting.

Their service throughout was also very friendly. The service is smooth, with a smile and attention to the customer.

The dishes were adequate in portion, not extremely large. We recommend having an appetizer to get your belly well full (or choose one of their desserts: Coconut Delight, Lemon pie mousse, Brownie with coconut ice cream or Cheese cake with dulce de leche).

Personal we sat on the terrace, which can be noisy with the passing traffic. But with a cocktail in hand and in good company, you look right through this. Inside, you can also reserve a table, but be sure to bring a cardigan. After all, the air conditioning is on ice!

We give the restaurant a well-deserved 8 out of 10.

Extra: For three plates + drinks (coffee & a cocktail each), we paid 4500 pesos, taxes included. Which means it was around 55€ for dinner for two. A very reasonable price!

Atmosphere picture of Restaurant Gål in Higüey, the Dominican Republic
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck


Every city in the Dominican Republic continues to grow tremendously on a daily basis. New businesses start up, restaurants with different cuisines open their doors and there are more and more accommodations and excursions that will make you remember your visit to Higüey forever. We look forward to keeping you updated on what is happening in Higüey. See you soon!

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