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Travel and airport must haves when traveling to the Dominican Republic

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Travel essentials when traveling to the Dominican Republic.
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Traveling to the Dominican Republic is not something you do for a short period such as a weekend or city trip. Because of the longer (flight) distance you opt for at least a week's vacation or stay in this beautiful paradise. And with such a trip come the necessary preparations. Therefore, today Cindy shares with you the most important travel and airport must haves to make your trip as smooth as possible.

My passport is screaming to be stamped!

#1 Migration e-ticket

In addition to a valid passport and travel documents, it is important to complete the government's online e-ticket before you arrive at the airport and before you leave.

Through this ticket, the government collects information about you and your stay. For example: how long you are staying in the country, which hotel/address you will be staying at and they ask for your general contact information. After your stay in the Dominican Republic, there is the possibility that you will receive an email to share your experience with them. In this way, you will also help improve the tourism experience. However, this mail is not applicable every time.

This e-ticket is mandatory and completely free:

Attention: depending on the country you live in, they might deny you access to board the plane without filling in this form. Also as customs in the Dominican Republic you're required to present this e-ticket to the employee at the desk. The same for when you're leaving the country (you will in total apply twice)!

#2 Luggage AirTags

Once you have completed your e-ticket, you can start preparing your bags. And we wouldn't wish it on anyone, but sometimes luggage gets lost.

That's why we recommend always putting an AirTag in your luggage. This is hugely convenient if you use Apple devices. Because thanks to the BlueTooth connection, you can keep an eye on your luggage. Put the tag in a stocking, pocket or toiletry bag. This way it is not immediately visible when someone opens your suitcase and you can track it longer.

We also recommend putting it in your hand luggage and handbag. The airport is a place where a lot of people pass at a great speed in a small area. Leaving something in the restrooms or at the check-in counter happens quickly!

*You can order your AirTags directly through this link.

Travel essentials when traveling to the Dominican Republic.
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

#3 Bring snacks with you

It's no secret: airplane food is always far from tasty, at the airport it's incredibly expensive and on a long flight you're always hungry.

So bring some nuts, chips, sandwiches or cookies in your backpack or carry-on luggage: as long as they are hearty, they are allowed! Drinks, are, of course, not allowed.

#4 Wear slippers

Whatever shoes you wear, a long flight is always more comfortable with a pair of slippers or hotel slippers. They don't weigh much, fit easily into your backpack and let you enjoy a comfortable flight. You'll literally be walking on clouds!

Travel essentials when traveling to the Dominican Republic.
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

#5 Compression socks

This is a tip we recommend to everyone: always wear compression stockings. Even if you have medical reasons, your legs will thank you for it. After all, there's not much legroom between the seats, and you'll be sitting for hours on end.

We personally recommend the STOCKX compressions socks (no advertising). Our whole family wears them each time we go to the Dominican Republic.

#6 Avoid boredom

Some people are lucky enough to be able to sleep through an entire flight, others need to kill time with activities they can do from their seat. Think coloring mandalas, downloading your favorite Netflix series, picking up a good book... Come prepared!

Travel essentials when traveling to the Dominican Republic.
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck


Everyone, of course, has their own favorite essential gadgets when they travel. Like a pillow, extra sweater for air conditioning and possibly a beauty mask against dry air. We are therefore very curious to discover your must haves. Share them with us in the comments and inspire each other!

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