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Crisocola: A handmade and unique Dominican jewelry brand

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Picture of Crisocola Jewelry, a Dominican brand.
Picture Credits: Crisocola

The Dominican Republic is brewing with talent! And we are more than happy to highlight them on Keloke. That's why today we're focusing on artisanal and handmade work. And so we introduce you to Crisocola, founded by Herminia, and a completely handmade and unique jewelry brand. You've probably heard of it already, because Crisocola is without a doubt a well-established brand in Cabarete, and Zona Colonial. We'll tell you why!

I never have enough Crisocola in my life. - Ana Isabel, Crisocola client

Everything is about authenticity at Crisocola. That is why Herminia does not limit herself to just creating exclusive designs with her own hands. The goal of Crisocola is to transform the energy you give off into jewelry. And that process happens in four different steps. Are you ready to create your own unique Crisocola jewelry piece?

1. Decide if your energy is gold or silver

Currently, Crisocola works with two metals: bronze and nickel silver, both rust-free materials. The golden color of bronze is related to determination, while the silver color of alpaca, also called nickel silver, is related to creativity. Write on a piece of paper which one resonates with you and read on.

Some of her jewelry contains semi-precious stones that give the jewelry extra color and - much - magic. Some examples are: Opaline: It will teach you to express yourself better. And Larimar that harmonizes with your heart and mind. And since they depend on availability, Herminia advises you to write down the stones that most associate you with your date of birth or the energy in which you are currently vibrating. You can request the complete list of semi-precious stones.

Pictures of Crisocola Jewelry, a Dominican brand.
Pictures Credits: Crisocola

2. Get to know the designs

After choosing your stones and materials, time to get to know the designs. They are all painstakingly made in her small workshop in Santo Domingo.

Even if they are pre-designed models, keep in mind that craftsmanship never allows for an exact reproduction of the piece. There will always be some detail that makes it different and therefore exclusively yours. For this step, you must keep your mind and soul open. Only in this way will the connection be without barriers. Some of our favorite models you can see here.

Pictures of Crisocola Jewelry, a Dominican brand.
Pictures Credits: Crisocola

3. Take care of your jewelry and yourself

Now that you may have already fallen in love with a design, the part of care and love is also hugely important. For both are the motive and driving force behind this handmade jewelry brand: it is an experience of love for craftsmanship, for handmade and slow work. An experience of self-love and self-care, embracing your identity. To buy a piece of jewelry from Crisocola is to accept yourself and love yourself. It is telling the world who you are.

And because loving should be easy, Herminia recommends you care for her designs with ordinary products at home, such as white vinegar or baking soda. Of course, try not to rub the stone (if there is any) so it doesn't lose its shine. Moreover, the metals used are stainless, so they can get wet or even bathe with you in the sea. This way you will have the full Crisocola experience!

Picture of Crisocola Jewelry, a Dominican brand.
Picture Credit: Crisocola

4. Getting to know each other better

The last step is not the least important: that you and Herminia get to know each other in the way you choose. But first, make sure you have written down all the information to place your order: name of the design, material, preference of the stone and your size. And then she'll get to work for you!

You can place your order via Instagram or WhatsApp. And we are already very curious to know which unique piece of jewelry you will have custom made.

Pictures of Crisocola Jewelry, a Dominican brand.
Pictures Credits: Crisocola


Are you also a Dominican designer? Or do you have a handmade brand? Let us know at, we'd love to give you the visibility you deserve!

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