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Kúr Spa: Your oasis of calm in the vibrant city of Santo Domingo

Atmosphere photo of Kur Spa in Santo Domingo
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Whatever job you have, whatever hobbies you pursue on weekends, and however busy you are within your family: taking a break and resetting is something everyone needs. Me-time we call it. And even on vacation, you need to be able to get away from it all. Our favorite getaway? Kúr Spa, a wellness and esthetic center right in the middle of downtown Santo Domingo.

Wash away those troubles. Have a soak with bubbles!

One of the many reasons people move to the Dominican Republic, or come on vacation: is because they want to take more time for themselves and get away from it all. At Keloke, too, our health and a balanced lifestyle is very important. By properly scheduling work hours and moments of "me-time", there is also extra time for a relaxing afternoon. And then it is perfect to schedule a wellness day. For this, the Keloke team likes to go to Kúr Spa. We'll tell you all about the location and her favorite treatments in this article. So read on quickly!

Spa and Esthetic Medicine

At Kúr Spa you can go for a variety of treatments. Each adapted to your needs or what your body and mind just need to get in balance. Think of massages (both relaxing and deep tissue or sport massages), peeling, wraps, facials, sauna and more. To this they also have a section of Esthetic Medicine. In this section of Kúr you can go for rejuvenation, hair removal, fillers, acne treatments, botox, microdermabrasion and much more.

The location itself is tremendously calming and it's the perfect oasis of calm in the big vibrant city of Santo Domingo. First, when you arrive, you are welcomed by your attending beautician. She leads you through the relaxation area, allows you to change your clothes in all privacy and explains how things will go. Afterwards, depending on your treatment, you are taken to the appropriate room.

It feels like coming home and the rooms are small but very cozy. Thanks to this environment you are never with many people. You can sit quietly with another couple in the relaxing area, but you will never come into contact with loud situations or crowds. And this is exactly why we love going there!

Atmosphere photo of Kur Spa in Santo Domingo
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Our personal favorites

Of course, we have been to the spa many times and our most favorite massage is the deep tissue massage. It mainly works on your shoulders, back and arms. Just what we need after long days at the computer or in the gym. Our muscles are so stiff that a massage to loosen them up is heavenly! At the end of the massage, they also wrap your back with heat patches, a wonderful feeling that I personally have fallen asleep to every time. The exact name, in case you want to book it yourself, is the "Descontract de Espalda" massage.

In combination with this massage, we recommend to also get a hydrating and cleansing facial. And finally, to end with an hour at their hydrating Jacuzzi baths. The citrus and lavender baths are our favorites. Of course, you can also go there for massages with hot stones, with chocolate and even massages with aromas and exfoliation. Whatever you want, they offer!

Atmosphere photo of Kur Spa in Santo Domingo
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck


The Kúr Spa is open every weekday between 9am and 7pm. On weekends they only work on Saturdays from 9am to 6.30pm. You can book your wellness and spa through their website or talk to them on Instagram. They are extremely helpful and their service deserves an award!

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