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FAQ: How is the weather in the Dominican Republic?

Beach in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, with palmtrees
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Wherever you go on vacation, you want to avoid bad weather and rain at all costs. And, of course, even when you spend hours traveling toward a tropical island where you want to make the most of the glorious sun, beach and pool. It is therefore not abnormal that it rains in on Social Media with the following question, "What is the weather like in the Dominican Republic?" or "When is the best time to travel?". We will give you an answer to it today!

It will always be warm but with a small chance of rain.

What is the weather like?

The best news is that you can book a trip to the Dominican Republic at any time of the year, obviously taking into account the hurricane season (see next paragraph).

But for the rain? You do not need to be afraid of that! Even though in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to determine the rainy season, the rains are often of very short duration, lasting an average of 10 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, the weather clears up completely and it is as if there was never a rain. Are there sometimes heavier rainstorms? Of course there are! Nature is never under your control. But it will never rain for days at a stretch, with again the exception of hurricane season.

So you end up in a tropical climate where afternoon temperatures range from 27°C to 32°C and in winter temperatures can drop to 18°C and 23°C. Although in recent years it often remains 27 to 30 degrees during the winter season. It's ideal if you want to celebrate Christmas abroad at the beach!

When is the Hurricane Season?

The most frequently asked question and most important question is undoubtedly about the start of hurricane season. Every year, of course, there is tremendous activity in the atlantic ocean that can cause tropical storms, or a hurricane.

Officially, the Atlantic hurricane season begins the 1st of June and lasts until the end of November. In the Dominican Republic, these are the summer and early fall seasons. During these months the weather is sunny, hot and humid, with some cloud cover and occasional showers in the late afternoon or at night.

But from past experiences, we have personally noted that the most "risky" period is from mid-August until the end of September. For example, last year (2022) we had Hurricane Fiona in mid-September and in 2023 Frank, a tropical storm that later became a hurricane, hit the capital hard in August. Regardless, the chances for a major hurricane are slim, and if it does happen, the resort staff is trained to deal with these situations and the resort buildings are equipped to withstand hurricane force winds.

You should also keep in mind that the Dominican Republic is a large country. This means that while one coast may be hit, another may be completely undamaged by a storm. Said otherwise: each city/province experiences a storm, rainstorm or hurricane completely differently!

What clothes should I bring?

Have you decided to book your vacation and are ready to pack your bags? Then, finally, you're just wondering what to bring?

So, thanks to average temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees, you will enjoy warm and sunny weather all year long. And depending on where you go (in the mountains, for example), you do need an extra jacket or sweater. But in general, we recommend light clothing such as cotton or linen shirts and pants. Tops and, of course, swimwear. Bring enough of your basics because in humid weather you will sweat more and then can change tops more quickly.

In the evening it is customary throughout the island to wear a dressy outfit, even in restaurants outside the hotel (except for beach bars or small local eateries). So be sure to bring a nice dress or a pair of dress shoes. Flip-flops and sneakers or shorts, jeans and tops with a bare belly or without sleeves, are not always allowed. We recommend that when booking a restaurant, to always check the dress code, especially in the capital Santo Domingo.

As an additional tip, we also recommend that you bring a sweater with you at restaurants as the air conditioning is often extremely cold (17-19 degrees). Finally, if you visit churches or certain national monuments, museums or government offices, it is also important that you wear appropriate attire for this as well (covered shoulders/legs and closed shoes).

What clothes do you bring to the Dominican Republic?
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We are sure you are looking forward to going! Don't forget to check out our most recommended hotels and explore different excursion options. Have fun in the Dominican Republic!

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