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Miyu Designs: Colorful bracelets and earrings from La Romana

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Miyu Designs, a handmade Dominican accessory brand
Picture Credits: Miyu Designs

From Santo Domingo to Santiago and also La Romana: no matter where you are in the Dominican Republic, it is brewing with creatives starting their own small business. And our platform is happy to support them! Today we highlight Miyu Designs. For anyone who loves colorful bracelets and earrings, this is your new favorite accessory shop!

Make plans and show off your cute jewelry!

Miyu Designs, a handmade Dominican accessory brand
Founder Cruz wearing her own Miyu Designs

Find authenticity in all designs

Cruz Morales, the face and driving force behind Miyu Designs started the small business with her husband to generate an extra income for their household. A hardworking, persistent and dedicated woman (and mom!), Cruz, as a proud Dominican, stands behind the concept: to show the authenticity and originality of each customer through personalized designs.

Miyu Designs, a handmade Dominican accessory brand
Pictures Credits: Miyu Designs

A perfect finish with your colors

Miyu Designs' accessories are 100% handmade with love and dedication. Most of the materials Cruz uses are exported from Colombia. The main material of the brand, or rather, the material she fell in love with and why MD exists today, are the Japanese Miyuki Delicas beads. These beads are characterized by their perfect design, they all have the same size and shape, which gives a perfect finish to their accessories.

Cruz herself is inspired by colors for the creations: she not only likes colorful things, anything can inspire her, such as a song, a landscape, a scene from a series, etc., everywhere Cruz looks for inspiration.

And you too can use your inspiration! Because every design can be customized with your favorite colors and in your favorite style. From large statement earrings to small studs in your favorite color and shape.

Miyu Designs, a handmade Dominican accessory brand
Pictures Credits: Miyu Designs


Do you have a special occasion planned and want to stand out with your beautiful earrings? Or would you like to take home an original souvenir handmade from La Romana? Contact Cruz and inspire her with what inspires you. This combination will no doubt produce a beautiful result! In the meantime, follow her via @MiyuDesignsRD and support this passionate entrepreneur.

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