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The five most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Monte Cristi National Park, the Dominican Republic
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

When we think of the Dominican Republic, we often bring to mind images of untouched white sand beaches with palmtrees. But no matter which coastline you visit, you will discover some of the world's best-kept secrets in terms of beaches. In this article, we take you on a journey along the coast of the Dominican Republic and share with you the five most beautiful beaches! So put on your flip-flops, rub on sunscreen and let yourself be swept away by its irresistible charm.

Beach is a place of relaxation, rest and tranquility.

#1 Playa Rincón

For those longing for a tranquil and breathtaking beach escape while traveling around Samaná, Playa Rincón is the answer. This beautiful stretch of beach is well preserved, and tucked away on the northeast coast of the Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic. At Playa Rincón, you won't find large crowds; instead, you'll have the chance to relax and enjoy the beauty this place has to offer. Activities like swimming, snorkeling, beachcombing and beach volleyball await you, and boat rides make for a scenic trip to this remote oasis. Although the facilities are simple, the rustic charm of the beach and the warmth of the locals make it a memorable and authentic experience.

Do you want to include a visit to Playa Rincón while traveling around the island? Then we recommend you to stay at "The Bannister Hotel Yacht Club"* or "Luxury Bahia Principe"*. From this last one you might even see whales jumping during the season of February/March. If you're lucky, like some this year, you will also see them at the bay from The Bannister hotel. Anyway, both are on our top list of hotels in Samaná!

Playa Rincón, Samaná
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

#2 Punta Rucia (Cayo Arena)

Are you rather traveling north? Then be sure to visit the charming fishing village of Punta Rucia with its golden beaches and tranquil coastal ambiance. This hidden gem serves as a gateway to an even more remarkable treasure: Cayo Arena, also known as Paradise Island.

A short boat ride away, Cayo Arena is a pristine little island with powder-white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. It is a haven for snorkeling enthusiasts, with vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. Day trips from Punta Rucia to Cayo Arena are a must, offering you the chance to enjoy the beauty of this remote tropical paradise. Tours often include snorkeling gear and a delicious fish lunch on the beach, making for an unforgettable experience in one of the Dominican Republic's best-kept secrets.

We recommend you to visit Punta Rucia and Cayo Arena when traveling to Puerto Plata or Sosúa. Our favorite hotels around that area are without a doubt "Casa Colonial"* and "Emotions by Hodelpa" for Puerto Plata. And "Casa Veintiuno"* or boutique hotel "Le Ress" if you prefer staying at Sosúa. All these hotels will guarantee you an unforgettable stay!

Punta Rucia (Cayo Arena), the Dominican Republic
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

#3 Bahia de Las Aguilas

Want to take a truly unique trip through the Dominican Republic? Then you need to explore the southwestern part of the Dominican Republic. For there lies a hidden natural wonder that seems straight out of a postcard: Bahía de las Águilas, or Eagle's Bay.

Located in Jaragua National Park, this remote and pristine beach is a testament to nature's beauty. It is a dream come true: powdery white sand stretches as far as the eye can see and blends seamlessly into crystal clear turquoise waters. Snorkeling in this pristine sea reveals a vibrant underwater world with colorful coral reefs and marine life.

But getting to Bahía de las Águilas is not an easy task. You can get there by boat from the nearby town of La Cueva, but the journey can be bumpy. Once there, you will find no commercial development, only the raw, unspoiled beauty of nature. Remember to pack your own supplies, as amenities are scarce. This is a place where arid desert landscapes meet azure seas, where you can truly disconnect from the modern world and enjoy the solitude of one of the most beautiful and remote beaches in the Caribbean.

To complete this once in a lifetime trip, you should definitely plan a night or two at the local Glamping Ecolodges of "Bahiía de Las Águilas"*. Until today this is still our most favorite travel experience on the island!

Bahía de Las Águilas, the Dominican Republic
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

#4 Playa Cosón

An area that is known for beautiful beaches is without a doubt Las Terrenas. And in particular, Playa Cosón. Located on the northeast coast of the Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic, this beach is a hidden gem that promises an idyllic beach getaway. Located just a short drive from the charming downtown Las Terrenas, Playa Cosón offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and tranquility.

Although it has become more popular, it has maintained a serene atmosphere compared to the more bustling tourist destinations. Activities abound, from swimming in the crystal clear waters to horseback riding along the coastline and exploring the lush surroundings. Beachfront restaurants serve delicious Dominican and international cuisine, so you can savor the flavors of the Caribbean while gazing out to sea.

Whether you're looking for relaxation or adventure, Playa Cosón has it all, making it an ideal spot for a rejuvenating beach escape. And you can combine it with a visit to Playa Rincón: the first beach in this article.

Our top hotel in Las Terrenas to add to your list are "Mosquito Boutique Hotel"* and "Saman Boutique Hotel"*. Enjoy your visit!

Playa Cosón, Las Terrenas
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

#5 Monte Cristi National Park

This last beach is one that very few tourists find their way to because it is nestled in the northwest corner of the Dominican Republic. In the fascinating Monte Cristi National Park, you will find an oasis of geological wonders and natural beauty. This protected area includes a variety of landscapes, from arid desert terrain adorned with cacti to lush mangrove forests teeming with wildlife.

What makes this park truly special are its pristine and secluded beaches, such as Playa El Morro and Playa La Granja, where soft sand and crystal clear waters meet and offer a serene and unspoiled escape. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will find vibrant coral reefs beneath the waves, while hikers can conquer the towering limestone plateau of El Morro for breathtaking panoramic views.

Monte Cristi National Park beckons to those seeking an adventure off the beaten path of the Caribbean, where nature's diversity takes center stage and tranquility reigns. It is an explorer's paradise and a testament to the Dominican Republic's commitment to preserving its natural treasures.

Monte Cristi National Park, the Dominican Republic
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck


From remote coves to bustling beaches, the Dominican Republic's coastline has something for everyone. So you won't encounter a moment of boredom during your trip and will be pleasantly surprised by its beautiful nature. Enjoy your travels!

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