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Tostadoh Coffee: Dominican Coffee at its best

Updated: Feb 12

Tostado Coffee Roaster Bar in Santo Domingo
Picture Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

That the Dominican Republic has an excellent variety of delicious coffee beans, and thus its coffee bars serve the tastiest coffee, is not news. What is new, however, and worth discovering, is Tostadoh. In addition to a first branch in Jarabacoa and a second one in Santiago, Tostadoh also recently opened their third branch in Santo Domingo. And we tell you why you should definitely visit it.

Next to coffee, they offer a variety of delicious snacks!

A unique and trendy location

No place would stand out if the interior was not designed to perfection, and this case Tostadoh has understood this well. With a mix between lounging in someone's backyard, with a touch of a modern coffee bar with beautiful coffee machines and an inside area where you can even co-work, Tostadoh has it all!

My favorite corner was without a doubt the coffee bar itself. At the counter, the different flavors were displayed and my eye immediately fell on a coffee with honey! What a great aroma. It is also fascinating to see their coffee machines and installations. It makes you instantly happy as a coffee lover.

In terms of "Instagram-worthy" photo angle, you have their swing in the middle of the patio where in the background is the phrase "No te complices, hazlo simple!" was incorporated with yellow neon lights. It's their slogan, in their branding colors, which means "Don't make it complicated, do it simple."

So whether you are looking for a place for a casual (business) meeting, a cozy afterwork drink with your colleagues or a trendy work place: you can come here to spend your moments carefree and relaxed.

Besides a huge patio, which therefore gives enough privacy per group, and the perfect location (located between Galeria 360 and IKEA) you also have the convenience of on-site parking.

Tostado Coffee Roaster Bar in Santo Domingo
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck

Coffee and food

Of course you go there for a delicious cup of coffee, or freshly made juice, but you can also go there for a delicious breakfast, lunch or late snack/dinner.

At Tostadoh in the morning you can order a delicious hot croissant with eggs and bacon, choose a typical Dominican breakfast with Mangú, an omelette with flatbread and bacon, or order beignets.

As a lunch break and late snack, you have huge choices from their selection of burgers (with all the ingredient variations and combinations you can imagine). But the Bagel with bacon, cheese and eggs, chicken balls, grilled chicken and avocado toast are also worth trying.

Only in the mood for something sweet? They have that too! From brownies to waffles, carrot cake and other treats, their menu offers you a huge amount. And we love it!

Tostado Coffee Roaster Bar in Santo Domingo
Pictures Credits: Cindy Van Dyck


Meanwhile, Tostadoh already has three branches, so wherever you are on the island: they are never far away! Below are the locations of the three coffee bars:

1. Tostadoh Jarabacoa: Ave Estela Geraldino, Jarabacoa

2. Tostadoh Santiago: Street # 21, Dr. Arturo Grullón, Santiago de los Caballeros

3. Tostadoh Santo Domingo: C. Bienvenido García Gautier 5, Santo Domingo

Enjoy your visit and delicious Dominican coffee!

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