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LiveYinsa: Join the Cultivating Joy Retreat in Las Terrenas

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Picture of LiveYinsa by Daniele Gates
Picture Credits: LiveYinsa

Want something different from all the typical hotel vacations on the island? Then you can travel to the Dominican Republic for a journey of self-discovery and happiness. From the 20th until the 27th of August you can join Daniele Gates and guest teachers for a transformative seven days in the beautiful locations of Las Terrenas and optionally Boca de Chavon in La Romana. Through yoga, meditation, bodywork, excursions and workshops, this retreat offers a holistic approach to finding joy in life's smallest moments. And there is one spot left! Will you be the lucky one left to join us? Then read on quickly.

Spend a week in an unadulterated tropical paradise!

About the retreat

The Cultivating Joy Retreat offers a carefully designed itinerary aimed at allowing participants to shift from the monotonous routine of daily life to a state of deep joy and peace. This immersive experience, including an optional three-day extension, is perfect for those seeking holistic transformation.

Each location offers beautiful nature, tranquility and a journey of rejuvenation:

1. Yoga Life Villa, Las Terrenas: Nestled on the top of a private mountain, the Yoga Life Villa offers breathtaking 360° panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding mountains. The villa's modern and luxurious design seamlessly blends with nature, creating an environment of balance and grace. Connect with the elements through coral stone walls, real wood floors, and the soothing ocean breeze scented with lavender and lemongrass.

2. Ki-Ra Holistic Living, Boca de Chavon: Located at the edge of the Caribbean Sea, Ki-Ra Holistic Living spans 25 acres of semi-tropical woodlands, surrounded by 6,000 acres of unspoiled nature. This idyllic setting is home to a rich variety of local flora and fauna, offering a serene backdrop for the LiveYinsa experience. Enjoy private access to the sea, a seawater pool, holistic spa treatments, and workshops within a spacious "Palapa" gathering space. The kitchen serves delectable vegetarian and Ayurvedic dishes, while each guest room is stocked with personalized Yinsa Ayurvedic products.

Picture of LiveYinsa by Daniele Gates
Picture Credits: LiveYinsa

Excursions and activities

During this retreat, participants will engage in a diverse range of activities, carefully curated to nurture the body, mind, and soul:

  1. Daily yoga practice and meditation.

  2. Bodywork and breathwork sessions.

  3. Ceremonies and unique exercises for cultivating joy.

  4. Thoughtfully planned excursions to embrace nature and local culture.

  5. Optional services like reflexology and Ayurvedic consultations.

  6. Workshops and classes in a stunning 1,000 sq. ft. covered "Palapa."

  7. Swag bag with sponsored items for retreat guests.

  8. Retreat workbook featuring a detailed itinerary and practice materials.

The retreat's workshops, yoga, meditations and excursions are all carefully curated to teach participants how to develop joy in various aspects of their lives. Whether facing challenges, taking risks or dealing with emotions, this retreat provides participants with tools to find joy and peace.

Stock photography from a beach in Las Terrenas, the Dominican Republic
Picture Credits:

Book your room today

If you're seeking a transformative experience that takes you from the mundane to the extraordinary, LiveYinsa's Cultivating Joy Retreat is your ticket to rejuvenation. And as there's only one spot left, this it your chance to book the last spot*: only one spot in a double room is still available.

*All meals and transportation (exception for flights), as well as all activities on the itinerary, are included. This includes all ceremonies, workshops, surfing, and other excursions, and anything else listed on the sample itinerary. However weather may impact certain activities (surfing, for example) but otherwise all the things are included.

Pictures from the rooms available at Ki-ra Holistic Living in Boca de Chavon, La Romana
Pictures Credits: Ki-ra Holistic Living


Amid the serene landscapes of Las Terrenas and Boca de Chavon, you'll embark on a journey to discover joy, peace, and self-discovery. With two unique locations, a rich array of activities, and expert guidance, this retreat promises to be a truly unforgettable experience. Embrace the opportunity to cultivate joy and find harmony within yourself and the world around you.

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